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93 companies(Parts section 71 companies, Facility, tool and die section 22 companies)

Board of Officers

Division Company name Managerial
Chairman Fukuju Industry Co., Ltd. President Yutaka Takagi
Vice Chairman Shibata Kogyo Co., Ltd. President Takahiro Shibata
G.S.Electech Inc. President Joji Suzuki
FUSO MACHINE WORKS, LTD. President Gaku Hattori
Component subcommittee KOSEI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd President Ayahiko Sugiura
TOHKEN THERMO TECH CO., LTD. President Ryuji Kawasaki
Nakamura Electric Industry Co., Ltd. President Yoshitada Yamao
Mitokugomu Co., Ltd. President Jyun Tsukiyama
Facility/die subcommittee YOSHIDA KANAGATA Co., Ltd. President Masao Yoshida
MARUWA KIKAI Co,.Ltd. President Takahiro Sugiyama
Accounting Auditor:
YMD, Inc.   President Taizo Kitamura

Organization Activities

Annual meeting

The annual meeting is held to make decisions on basic matters, such as annual plans, budgets, and an operating system by representatives of all of the member companies.

Board of officers meeting

The board of officers are selected from the member companies, and its meetings are held to make decisions on issues except for the matters being handled by the annual meeting.

Board of secretariats meeting

The board of secretariats are selected from the companies’ officers, and its meetings are held to make plans to be discussed by the board of officers meetings.

Sectional activities

Business Research Subcommittee
  • To work on solving management issues through exchanges by officers of DENSO and the member companies.
  • To have various lectures on fostering successors and study business strategy.
Quality and Manufacturing Research Subcommittee
  • This society is formed to enhance technical strengths and skills through activities such as the research groups for Quality and Manufacturing,and the Technical Skill Competition.
Safety, Health, and Environment Subcommittee
  • To promote manufacturing site improvement through mutual checks between member companies and experts’ instruction.
Human Resources Subcommittee
  • To enhance the level of human resources at various ranks and fields through a variety of lectures on future overseas transferees, training managers, technical skills enhancement, and so on.

Social activities

Baseball Tournament
  • To facilitate friendship and communication among the member companies.

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